Author: RSSS Staff

Episode 019 - Testimonials vs. Endorsements

Let your customers make the sale for you.

Testimonials vs. Endorsements

Getting third-party confirmation of the value that you add as a salesperson can help you achieve a higher level of sales success. In this episode of the Really Simple Sales Success podcast, Ray and Mel discuss the difference between testimonials and endorsements, and how you can get convincing customer...

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Episode 018 - Overcoming Call Reluctance

When FDR said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself," he was talking about cold calls.

Overcoming Call Reluctance

Cold Calling. For some sales people, having to make cold calls is worse than having to see the dentist for a root canal. However there’s no reason for it to be so intimidating. In this episode, Mel lays out one simple strategy that has helped many of his coaching clients overcome their call reluctance, and manages to confuse Ray in the...

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Episode 16 - Three Quick Steps to Closing More Sales

Make closing your next sale as easy as 1-2-3

Three Quick Steps to Closing More Sales

There are three small things every B2B sales person can do to help them gain the confidence of prospects and help them to close more sales. In this episode, Mel and Ray talk about these three things that can differentiate you from most salespersons and help you win more...

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The Importance of Next Steps

Most sales don’t close on the first contact or after the first sales call. In fact, it may take several efforts to bring the sale to a close. In this episode, Mel and Ray discuss why it’s so important that you and your prospect understand what is the next step in the sales...

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