Month: August 2017

Forget the Leave Behind

In 2016, over $22 billion dollars was spent on promotional items. This figure doesn’t even include the printing of business brochures and flyers. In this episode, Mel and Ray discuss why you should take a different approach with what you leave behind on your next sales...

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Episode 12 - Dealing With "I Want to Think About It"

All Is Not Lost When You Hear These Words

Dealing With “I Want to Think About It”

Hearing “I want to think about it” at the end of your sales pitch can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. It may feel like it your prospect is blowing you off, but it may be a sign that they’re actually considering your offer. In this episode Mel and Ray talk about what it means when you hear those fateful words, and what you should do to move toward the...

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The CRM. Your Sales Coach

In this episode, Mel and Ray talk about how using a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system can help improve your sales efforts. If you’ve tried to use a CRM and didn’t like it, or you’ve never used one, learn Mel’s three tips to help you get started and integrate into your sales...

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