Month: July 2017

Reducing or Even Eliminating No-Shows

Most sales people have run into the situation where you get to an appointment and the prospect isn’t ready or even worse, has forgotten that they had an appointment, or even worse, didn’t show at all. Getting prospects to make and keep appointments can be the difference between sales success and failure. In this episode, Mel and Ray discuss how to increase the likelihood that a prospect is not only at the meeting, but actually wants to talk with you. Resources Pixingo – Online Custom Greeting Cards You Can Book Me – Online Booking Calendar Calendly – Online Booking...

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Episode 8 -Closed Ended Questions

Asking the Right Question Can Avoid a Sales Dead End

Closed Ended Questions

Here are two questions for you. Will Ray have to go to anger management treatment after this episode, and was that an ‘open-ended’ or ‘closed-ended’ question? In this episode of the Really Simple Sales Success podcast, you’ll hear Mel and Ray discuss open and closed-ended questions, their role in the sales process, and how they can influence your sales...

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Episode 7 - The Ideal Prospect

Four Ways to Avoid Wasting a Sales Opportunity

The Ideal Prospect

When asked “Who is a good prospect?” many sales people reply “Everyone!” But in reality, this is far from the truth. Do you know what makes a good prospect? Listen while Mel and Ray discuss the 4 ways to identify what makes a good prospect and increase your sales...

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